Raw materials need to be crushed before using the feed machine

The feed pellet mechanism sometimes needs to be crushed before the pellet. The feed pellet machine is a multi-purpose type that can suppress more than 50 kinds of feed ingredients, including corn, wheat, bran, graphite, sawdust and the like. However, although there are so many materials that can be pressed, the comminution work cannot be ignored before granulation.

When it comes to crushing work, many farming customers are puzzled: "I have seen in many videos, have you directly pressed corn kernels and pasture into pellets? I thought that the feed pellet machine really became so fast, actually Can you save the smashing section?" In fact, the existence of each feed machine must be meaningful. For the feed granule machine, if you want to granulate, you must ensure that the feed material is smaller than the pore size of the grinding disc.
feed raw materials

In general, chicken and duck feeds require a smaller pore size, generally about 2.5 mm, while pig feed generally requires a disc diameter of about 4 mm. The feed made by cattle and sheep is thicker, and the disc is generally selected to have a pore size of 6 mm. . Therefore, before using the feed pellet mechanism, it is necessary to first pulverize the feed material to a fineness of 6 mm or less with a feed mill to start granulation.

At present, the more common feed pulverizer is a hammer-type feed pulverizer, and the pulverization principle is performed by hammering to achieve the function of pulverizing the material. There are also many styles, such as the self-priming feed mill, the drop-type feed mill, and the multi-purpose feed mill. There are many kinds of feed ingredients that can be crushed and used.

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