Oil Spraying Machine with Competitive Price


For acquiring better smell and taste, oil spraying machine can be used to spraying oil to the surface of fish feed pellets coming out of the dryer. LIMA oil spraying machine, refitted from a horizontal ribbon mixer, can spray atomized oil with high speed on the up and down surface of pellets. Its speed is relatively lower than that of mixer, so pellets will not be damaged during the movement. Characterized with a large capacity, small occupied area and competitive price, the horizontal oil spraying machine is mainly applied to spray some substances on particle surfaces, such as grease, micro ingredients or brighteners.


Features of Oil Spraying Machine
1. Oil spraying machine is made of carbon steel plates. High performance, reliable nature, durability, accuracy, and easy to use as well as maintain.
2. The installed capacity of spraying machine is 100kg/p, and spraying time is 10-15min/p. Coefficient of variation is less than 7%.
3. The pneumatic discharging door is used for discharging pellets, with quick discharging and lower residue.
4. The power is 3.0-4.0kw and pump power is 0.37kw.
5. Pump is connected with atomized spraying nozzles installed inside the machine via a hose, and the other end is with the oil drum. In colder places, the oil drum need to be equipped with a heating system to prevent the grease from agglomerating.
6. Start the engine after feeding, then switch on the pump when required feeding capacity is reached. Next, switch off the pump as soon as the spray quantity is achieved, and discharge at last.
7. In case of the loss of micro ingredients or drugs during conditioning at high temperature or extrusion, some substances can be sprayed on the pellet surface, such as grease, micro ingredients, drugs, brightener, condiment and so on.
8. Friction among pellets can play a polishing role in the process of stirring.

Working Principle
The horizontal oil spraying machine mainly consist of a U-shaped horizontal trough and a specially fabricated ribbon agitator. A ribbon agitator consists of a set of inner and outer helical agitators.The agitator shaft is driven by a reducer. During this process, the ribbons on the agitator shaft stirs pellets up and down, with the inner ribbon pushing them from the middle to both ends and the outer ribbon pushing them from outside to middle (helping to discharge pellets from the middle). On the other hand, the mixer lifts up materials along the machine wall, making them circulated to reach desired uniformity.

Attention on Operation
1. After starting, please check the operational direction of equipment to avoid reversion.
2. Be strictly in accordance with loading capacity: use the machine within the effective volume so as not to burn out the motor or damage reducer and other components.
3. Pay attention to the oil level and add number 40-70 oil if necessary. After the initial use of this machine for 15 days, release lubrication oil and clean oil tank. In further operation, change lubrication oil in the reducer every three months and add grease to bearing every two months. It depends on the working environment.
4. The simple repair is required after normal operation for 1800 hours: check lubrication system or replace wearing parts. The overhaul is needed after normal operation for 4000 hours: discharge, inspect, and clean all assembly, replace or correct all wearing parts and standard items. Please remember the demolition sequence so that all parts can be assembled in reverse order.

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