Make Sugarcane into Pellets with Biomass Pellet Mills

Low cost of raw materials, small investment of the equipment, the operation is simple. The ordinary people after simple training can operate the equipment, the human labor cost is very low, coal prices fluctuate. These factors ensure better returns on investments.

Wide application ranges

Bagasse pellets are easy to use and store. It can be employed in heating, living stoves, hot water boilers, industrial boilers, biomass power plant and so on to replace firewood, coal, fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gas. The family unit is also applicable; the burning effect is good, which can meet the cooking, heating, bathing needs, especially the necessities for biomass power plant.

Environmental benefits

Bagasse pellets benefits the environment, bagasse pellets are carbon neutral, which means the emissions of CO2 produced by itself is absorbed by itself during growth. They do not release other air polluting gases into the air.


Different from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas which is expendable (formed in a very long time), bagasse pellets are renewable, because sugarcane grows every year, and we can have endless supply of raw materials.


The price of coal, oil and gas are controlled by the government, With the more demand for energy and the less fossil fuels, no one can assure the stability of their prices. However, the cost of bagasse pellets can be controlled.

Turn was teinto wealth

Under the background of the global shortage of energy, the bagasse pellets is a representative of turning “waste” into wealth, the sugarcanes were made full use of, in addition to this, also increases the income of farmers.

Production of sugar cane bagasse pellets

In order to produce sufficient heat energy to supply all the needs of a typical sugar mill or make a profit through being made into pellets. Generally, sugarcane bagasse pellets were produced in several steps:

Grinding: Grinding the raw material to powder with granularity of 3-5mm.Drying: The moisture of fresh sugarcane bagasse is about 48~50%, ensure the moisture of bagasse are dried down to 10-12% to solidify the bagasse.Pelletizing: The bagasse powder materials were feed into your pellet mill, they will be compressed into pellets by the movement of a die and a set of rollers inside the mill.Cooling: This unit can save the floor space and the processing time. Cooling the pellets can make them more convenient to package and transport.Packaging: After cooling, the pellets can be packaged by packaging machine, which make it easier for storage and transportation.

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