Fish Feed Hammer Mill with Wide Application

Fish Feed Hammer Mill Overview
By self-development and absorbing the advanced foreign technology, Fish Feed Machinery manufactures high-efficiency fish feed grinding machine named as 9FQ Series Fish Feed Hammer Mill. It is used to grind fish feed raw materials, such as soybean straw, peanut vines, Ipomoea batatas, and other coarse materials, like branches, peanut hull, sorghum, dried grass etc.
it has such a wide application in fishery, animal farms, starch factory, and animal feed plants. 9FQ series fish feed hammer mill is with high grinding efficiency, low energy consumption, simple structure and easy to maintenance, being an ideal feed grinding machine in shrimp and tilapia feed manufacturing process.

fish feed hammer mill with wide application

Main Structure and Working Principle of 9FQ Fish Feed Grinder
This feed grinding machine is comprised of feed hopper, upper and lower body, rotors, screen pieces, wind turbine, and feed delivery pipe. Storage bags or storage bin could be equipped if needed.
Rotor: adopting multi-blade arrangement combination form, which fully improves the sieving ability after fish feed raw materials crushed, and increases the handling capacity of the hammer mill.
Crushing chamber: also called pulverizing chamber. The crushing chamber is made up of a box plate, a tooth plate and a sieve plate.

Raw materials are ground under the force of rapidly rotating hammers in the pulverizing room. Driven by the Suction Device, crushed materials, along the rotors, are constantly collided with hammer pieces, pinion rack and screen pieces. Once the materials being crushed into Granule Powder ones, under the centrifugal pressure of rotors and suction force of fans, they are transported to storage bin speedy. We can conclude the whole crushing process as:
Fish feed raw materials: round in the crushing chamber green pieces in turban collection pulverized materials
Consumers can utilize a variety of auxiliary equipment to complete the collection, delivery, or other processing procedures, according to specific working circumstances. In Fish Feed Pellet Plant, fish feed hammer mill is connected with fish feed mixer.

Fish Feed Hammer Mill Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Operate the grinder machine strictly following the operating instructions. Checking and cleaning the machine each shift.
Clean up both the inside and outside of the machine during a long downtime, to avoid the grinder getting rusty or the sieve mesh being blocked.
Overhaul and replace the spare parts timely if they are broken or wore severely.
Check the tightness of triangle belt every time it starts. The aging of the belt will affect the performance of the hammer mill.
It is a normal phenomenon that the bearings heat (not higher than 25℃) after this feed grinding machine works for a period of time. If heat up to 60 degrees, it is proved that the bearing has been aging, then consumers should stop to replace the bearing or clean it.

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