Feed Pellet Stabilizer

Introduction to Feed Pellet Stabilizer
This feed pellet stabilizer is used to keep the pelleted aquatic feeds (which just come out of the pellet mill and are of high temperature) for a while, to improve the internal texture and nutritive value of feed pellets and enhance their ripening degree and stability in water. It is a good choice for special aquaculture feed, especially shrimp feed.

Features of Feed Pellet Stabilizer
1. This feed pellet stabilizer is used to improve the quality of pelleted feed. It is recommended for shrimp and fish feed pellets.
2. Stainless steel is used for the parts exposed to the feed materials.
3. The internal steam pipeline is well arranged and optimized. Besides, it is equipped with thermal insulation inter-layer, so it provides good heat preservation effect.
4. Due to its special structure, leak of materials will not happen.
5. No noise, good durability.
6. Material discharging can be controlled, no manual work is needed.

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