Automatic Wood Powder Machine

Automatic wood powder machine is designed to grind raw materials into powder or flour with fine size, such as wood powder, bamboo powder, rice husk powder and pepper powder etc. It mainly consists of the main machine, fan, powder collector and dust remover. Wood powder milling machine is widely used in plastic, paper, mosquito coil, animal feed, Chinese herbal medicine, farming and other industries.

Automatic wood powder machine

Raw materials for wood powder making machine: wood scraps, sawdust, wood shavings, camphor wood, tree bark, leaves, bamboo, cassava, straw, rice husks, corncobs, peanut shells, wood charcoal, bran and Chinese herb etc.

Wood Powder Grinding Machine Features
1. The machine has a self-priming inlet, which can protect it without damage of metal.
2. Compact structure and reasonable layout makes it convenient and safe to operate.
3. The crushing chamber adopts multi-stage crushing process, which makes the machine has high production efficiency and good crushing ability.
4. The fineness can be adjusted between 20 meshes and 325 meshes according to the air flow rate.
5. Low noise and non-dust pollution.

Applications of Wood Powder
Wood powder is a new energy-saving and environmental protection material. And it is widely used. Wood flour can be used as raw materials for mosquito coils, leather, clothes, paper-making, paint, cat litter, insulating materials, outdoor decorative materials, building materials, and so on.

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