4 reason, How to choose the corn feed pellet machine that suits you?

How to choose the corn granule machine that suits you. Many times, the discarded materials in life can be reused. For example, corn stalks and corn stalks are also rich in nutrients, which can help us solve the feed problems of the farmers, so how to choose the right one. What about the feed pellet machine?
flat die wood pellet machine

First, choose the model that suits you according to your daily output.
Some users choose the feed pellet machine, our technicians will consult the user's daily output, what raw materials to use as feed, and determine what kind of feed pellet machine according to the user's output.

Second, choose the model that suits you according to the required raw materials.
The feed pellet machine has a wide range of raw materials. It can use corn stalks, rice straw, peanut shells and other crop straws. It can also use corn, peanuts, vegetable leaves, etc. It is best to choose the feed that is suitable for its own raw materials. Cannot be used after it has been bought.

Third, it is best to go to the factory of feed pellet machine equipment for test machine production
The quality is good. If you look at the field, you will know the effect. Only when you visit the production force of the manufacturer will you know whether it is good or not. You can bring your own production materials and go to the factory for test production.

Fourth, the after-sales service of feed pellet machine equipment manufacturers
After the sale of feed pellet machine equipment, it is inevitable that after-sales service, replacement of wearing parts, or sudden failure problems, it is necessary to consult the feed pellet machine manufacturers, manufacturers with many years of production experience can do better after-sales service.

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