2T/H Giant King Grass Pellet Plant

Giant King Grass – Good Raw Materials for Fuel Pellets
Giant King Grass is a dedicated energy crop with very similar properties as corn stover, an excellent biomass materials for fuel pellet production. As a high yield plant, giant king grass is undoubtedly a valuable resource of biomass raw materials for fuel pellet production. The most popular output of the giant king grass pellet is 2t/h.

2T/H Giant King Grass Pellet Plant

Equipment in 2T/H Giant King Grass Pellet Plant
Wood Hammer Mill for Giant King Grass Since the giant king grass is harvested with 4-5m in height, it must be crushed into the proper size before pelletizing. The giant king grasses are impacted by high-speed rotating hammers as soon as they enter into the hammer mill. The crushed materials strike repeatedly with hammers until small enough to discharge from the sieve holes. You can choose different screens based on different crushing demands. Due to the reasonable arrangement of hammers and clearance between hammers and screen, the crushed materials are uniform in the fineness.

Rotary Drum Dryer
The moisture really plays an important role in giant king grass pelletizing. Too high or too low can affect the final pellet quality. The moisture of fresh giant king grass is approximately 70-75%, which has to be lowered down to around 10% by the rotary drum dryer. The heat efficiency of the rotary drum dryer reaches 80%, which is much higher than other drying equipment.

Ring Die Giant King Grass Pellet Machine
Pelletizing is the core procedure in the whole giant king grass pellet production process. Two sets of ring die pellet machines are adopted in this 2t/h pellet production line. The main gear transmission with high precision contributes to a stable and reliable operation. Besides, the output is improved by about 20% compared with the belt drive one. Imported high-quality bearings and oil sealing make sure efficient, stable and low noisy running. Ring dies with different hole diameters are customized according to different demands. Additionally, the frequency control motor is adopted for force feeder, ensuring superior quality of the final pellets.

Counter-flow Pellet
Cooler Giant king grass pellets discharged from pellet mill are of high temperature as well as high moisture content, not convenient to transport and store. The cooling machine can lower down the pellet temperature to 3-5℃ higher than room temperature, and lower the moisture to safe content. It works on the principle of counter flow cooling, which avoids the sudden cooling because of the direct contact between the cold air and pellets, and prevents the pellet surface cracking, thus prolonging the storage time.

Giant King Grass Pellet Packing Machine
As the last procedure in giant king grass pellet production process, automatic weighing and packing machine plays an important role in improving pelletizing efficiency. The weighing control instrument is fully digital and intelligent, ensuring high weighing accuracy, fast speed and simple operation. All weighing parameters input by the instrument panel, and the feeding speed, clamping bag and loosening bag can be fully automatic controlled. The packing specification of final pellets is 10-50kg/bag or customized according to your specific request.

Features of Giant King Grass Pellet Plant
* Compact structure, low energy consumption and high efficiency.
* The whole pellet plant is highly automatic, it is labor-saving and convenient to operate.
* It can be customized according to your requirements.
* It is applicable to process multiple kinds of biomass raw materials.
* It can produce giant king grass pellets continuously.

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