How to See the Shortcomings of Biomass Pellet Making Machine

LIMA is a pellet making machine supplier in China. Our machines have got CE and ISO certification. In this article, we want to share some common defects and shortcomings of biomass pellet making machines in the market. Consider about these common drawbacks of pellet machine can help you purchasing the right machine with the most reasonable price and can also help promote pellet making machine manufacturers improving equipment quality.
Pellet fuel is a new rising industry in recent years. Many factories, especially small factories haven’t master pellet machine designing and manufacturing technology very well till now. So many biomass pellet making machines for sale on the market now have unavoidable shortcomings and deficiencies more or less. To sum up: high price, high power, low yield, poor paint spraying, bulky and inflexible payment method.

Price Is Based On Cost of Production

Good configuration, technology, material and service can all effect the pellet making machine price.

Pelletizing Quality Is Based on Enough Power

Without high power, the density of final biomass pellets cannot reach up to standard. High power is a common feature of most fuel pellet making machine, especially hardwood pellet machine. 

Choose Flexible Small Pellet Making Machines for Home Use

If you are buying the machine for making small scale biomass pellets at home for cooking or warming, choose small pellet machine instead of industrial pellet machine. The output might be relatively low, but the price is also much lower and the yield is enough for home use.

Quality Is More Important Than Painting

If your budget for buying a biomass pellet machine is limited, pay more attention to the structure and quality. Keep in mind that good quality is much over than good looking. However, if you don’t have much financial pressure, a high quality machine with good looking will be better.

Communicate About Payment Method with the Salesman

Actually, many manufactures offer multiply payment methods. Communicate with the salesman and see if they can offer the method you want.

The best way to avoid purchasing a biomass pellet making machine with these drawbacks is buying from a large reliable supplier. LIMA pellet mill is a manufacturer in China with years of experience in wood pellet production. Our machines are trustable and sold with all-around after service. Contact us now if you are interested to know more about our equipment.

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