Biomass (Wood) Briquetting Equipment

Product Feature:

1. LDT series of biomass briquetting equipment is a new generation of patented technology products, integrating the advantages of similar products, original creation roller, modules, anti-smothering machine, automatic oil pump design.

2. The products are widely used in the compression processing of straw and straw like raw materials (for short "raw materials") such as corn straw, cotton straw, soybean straw, sawdust, fruiting branches, peanut shell (rice), straw, furfural slag, ginger residue, tobacco stalk and bark, and are ideal equipment for the production of biomass briquette fuel and straw briquette feed.

Technical Parameter:

Mobel Feeding Motor (kw) Main Motor (kw) Speed (r/min) Quantity of Mold Pieces Output Size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Dimension (mm)
LDT-2000 2.2 55/30*2 163 45 32*32 1-1.5 3400*1500*1900
LDT-2600 2.2 75 105 52 32*32 1.5-2.5 3400*1730*1915
LDT-3500 2.2 110 160 72 32*32 2.5-3.5 3500*2200*1900
LDT-4500 4 132 148 88 32*32 3-4.5 4200*1900*2100

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