SPH series Fish Feed Extruder

Product Feature:

1. The molding process is applicable to all kinds of floating aquatic feed.

2. The product particles forming uniform stability.

3. It can achieve precise control of water, steam and feed collocation PLC system.

4. The wearing parts are made of abrasion resistant alloy steel by special processing technology, the service life is 5 times more than ordinary materials.

5. The outer sleeve of the machine barrel is provided with a jacket, which can directly inject steam (or cold water) into the machine barrel to effectively heat (or cool) the different extrusion sections.

6. The feeding device adopts a variable pitch screw, no knot arch, homogeneity.

7. The feeder is driven by the inverter, easy to adjust the volume of feed.

8. Please use the imported NSK bearings with oil lubrication system and oil cooling system, the service life of the bearing is increased by 3-5 times.

Technical Parameter:

Model Screw diameter (mm) Host power (kw) Conditioner power (kw) Capacity(t/h) Notes
SPH165 165 160/200 7.5/15 3-5 Die hole 2-5
SPH218 218 250/315 18.5/22 6-10 Die hole 3-6

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