Multi-functional Shredder

The main purpose of multi-functional shredder: break the material which large areas and difficult to pieces, so that easy to proceed for the next process.

Shredder Scope:

Type of biomass: bundled straw, baled straw, bundled grass and so on.

Type of waste wood products: building templates, tree roots, branches, wooden pallets, scrap wood products,

forklift pallets, discarded sofas, discarded garderobe iscarded cabinets, discarded doors and windows,discardedbedand so on.

Type of waste rubber and tires: car tires, rubber pipes, rubber waste, etc.

Type of waste plastic: plastic bottles, plastic blocks, plastic boxes, plastic cans, woven bags, plastic waste,

plastic trays, PVC pipes, PE pipes and so on.

Type of garbage fertilizer: kitchen garbage, household garbage, medical waste, animal cadaver, industrial waste, garden waste, etc.

Type of scrap metal and electronic parts: cans, metal cans, aluminum, car shell, motocycle, bicycle, oil filter,

color steel tile, TV shell, washing machines, refrigerators, computer shell, circuit boards, CD-ROMs and so on.

Type of waste barrels: plastic barrels, paint bucket, metal barrels, packing barrels, trash barrels and so on.

Shredder working principle:

Shredders mainly rotated by double shaft or multi-shaft, relying on the blade of spindle assembly to crush the material to extrude, bite, shred.

The device runs through high-power, high torque, low speed, it can be applied to a variety of materials shredded.

Shredder blades are made by alloy steel forging, applicable to shred all kinds of materials,choose the suitable

blade according to the type and texture of broken material.

Adjusting the thickness and number of blade to achieve the desired shredding size.

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