QSZ series Cutting Grinding mill Machine


Using for wet and dry material chopping processing, such as: corn stalks, sorghum stalks, peanut stalks, bean stalks, mulberry leaves, phrynium placentarium, forage grass,Straw, wheat straw and others plant-based raw materials.

Performance and features:

1. Automatic feeding, safe and reliable.

2. Multi-plate multi-cutter chopped room design, reasonable structure, compact and novelty.

3. Machine body design for cone, discharge end is bigger than the feed end, fast discharge, high efficiency.

4. Multi-cutter through the static and dynamic balance calibration, low-transit noise, smooth operation, improve production efficiency, long service life.

5. The gap between fixed cutter and moving cutter is small, no screen design, production efficiency is 2-3 times of the ordinary hammer mill.

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