DCS series Stainless Steel Packing Machine

Scope of application:

DCS series stainless steel electronic quantitative packaging, suitable for powder quantitative packaging.

such as:

Feed industry: feed additive, concentrated feed, premix, etc.

The food industry: flour, starch, corn flour, yeast, salt, etc.

Chemical industry: coating powder, metal powder, iron powder, calcium powder, zinc sulfate, barium sulfate, etc.

Equipment characteristics:

This equipment design compact structure, occupy small , weighing speed and weighing accuracy is high, good stability and easy operation. Besides artificial sack, entrainment, weighing, discharge, loose bags by automatically.

Rated weighing 25-50kg / bag
Display resolution 5g / 10g
Packing speed Powder : 3-4 bag / minute
Air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Dimension 1391*760*2960mm
Total power 3.3 KW
Temperature range -10-40
Voltage Rated voltage of 380V, deviation -15-+10%
Rated frequency 50HZ, deviation 2%

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