SWFP66 series Stainless Steel Hammer Mill

This series Grinder can grind kinds of granules feed materials, like: corn, sorghum, wheats, beans,cottonseed meal,canola, etc. It can do coarse grinding and fine grinding processes, and also apply to high moisture, high fiber

feed crushing.

It can apply to aquatic feed and special feed plants` fine powder grinding, and also the fine powder processing

of the medicine,menstruum,and so on.

The motor is set on the same base with the rotor, direct drive.

Compact structure, quick and easy to changing the seive

It have the safety device on the operating door,The rotor is calibrated by strict dynamic balance

Fine grinding, the seive mesh size 0.5mm-3.0mm

Patent products, patent No.:ZL 2012 2 0349402.9 ZL 2012 2 0349367.0

Model Power(kw) Hammer piece Rotor diameter (mm) Spindle speed (r/min) Crushing chamber width (mm) Capacity(t/h) Size
SWFP 66*40 37/45 56 660 2970 400 3-8 1781*1340*1455
SWFP 66*60 75/90 64 660 2970 600 4-9 2115*1340*1455
SWFP 66*80 90/110 88 660 2970 800 5-13 2620*1340*1455
SWFP 66*100 132/160 128 660 2970 1000 7-18 3020*1340*1455

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