Reliable Poultry Feed Hammer Mill for Feed Pellets Line

Water Drop Feed Hammer Mill Introduction
LIMA water drop feed hammer mill is a machine aiming at crushing materials by the collision between the high-speed hammer and materials. It is suitable for milling raw materials like husks, maize, wheat, beans, peanut, etc. The special water-drop design of feed hammer mill can ensure a larger space for grinding chamber and improves working efficiency by 40%. It is a necessity in large and medium sized feed processing plants and factories.

Poultry Feed Hammer Mill Features
1. Special water-drop design, compact structure and beautiful appearance.
2. Advanced twice strike technology of the pulverizing chamber, good rigidity pedestal and small vibration.
3. New type feed hammer mill has automatic feeding device and it also can adjust the quantity of feeding automatically.
4. The water drop grinding chamber can avoid circulation and working efficiency is highly improved compared to other hammer mills.
5. A variety of sieve sizes are available to choose, flexible push and pull door design is convenient to operate and maintain.
6. International advanced energy conservation equipment, high capacity, low consumption and stable performance.
7. Wide application range. Widely used for coarse grinding of raw materials in large and medium-sized poultry feed and food processing factories.

Poultry Feed Hammer Mill Working PrincipleRaw materials are fed from the top of a matched feeder, running through feeding plates on both sides to the grinding room. Under the force of adjustable rotating hammers and friction between screen plates, raw materials are grinded. Then the materials are discharged from the outlet by the push forced by air circulation.

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