Popular Feed Pellet Mill for Rural Areas-Portable/Energy-saving Pellet Mill

In foreign countries the majority of feeders use the pellet feed to feed livestock and poultry. And the ring die feed pellet mill due to its large output and low power consumption is always the first choice to make pellet feed at home and abroad. Now the breeding industry has become a new economic backbone in rural areas around the world. But the ring die feed pellet mill is not applicable in rural areas.

The ring die feed pellet mill has the features of large output and low power consumption so it is suitable for the large-scale production in large sized grain feed factory, livestock farm, poultry farm, etc. In rural areas the flat die feed pellet mill is suitable because its output is not very large and the price is cheap. Its structure is simple so it is easy to operate and the maintenance and repair is definitely more convenient and much simpler for the feeders.

In the countryside the feeders usually use the powdered feed, the leftovers together with grains to feed the livestock and poultry. But they are picky about the food and cause food waste, low utilizing. During the process of pelletizing the temperature of feed pellet mill can reach 70-80 centigrade which cook the inner material so it is not easy to go moldy or degenerative and produce an intense fragrance. And the pellet feed is produced based on the nutrition needs, adopt scientific formula and mix a variety of raw materials evenly according to a certain proportion so it has balanced nutrition content. It avoids the livestock and poultry picky about food and reducing feed waste.

In some distant rural areas where the electricity cost is high or electricity has not yet made its way, the pellet feed mill can be operated by diesel which reduces the feeding cost. Many feeders prefer it because they don’t have to worry about the electricity. And the low noise and small occupation area of diesel flat die feed pellet mill are more suitable for the small farm holders.

The diesel flat die feed pellet is especially designed for the small scale production in rural areas with shortage supply of electricity. Our company could supply the diesel flat die feed pellet mill. And our company aims at producing the customized machines to meet people’s different requirements.

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