Professional Solutions to Feed Pelleting Problems

In fact, pellet mill has an easy operation with high efficiency. However, some people may be torn between how to solve problems during pragmatic pelleting. Don’t worry. LIMA is on the cutting edge of pellet mill technology in China, we will help you. Now, let us learn some common problems and relevant solutions on pellet mill operation together.

1. Insufficient Production With Not Full-load Motor

1) The screw feeder spirals have an insufficient pitch and/or the paddles of the feeder shaft have too little inclination.
2) The screw feeder turns too slow.
3) The spirals and/or paddles encrusted.
4) The feed motor is not fitted correctly.

Adjust the spiral pitch or the inclination angle of the paddles.Replace the motor pulley and/or the driven pulley.You need to clean the spirals and/or paddles.Check the fitting and alignment of the motor.

2. Pellet Mill Vibrates Too Much

1) The bearings of the rollers have too much backlash.
2) The bearings of the driving unit have too much backlash.
3) The die is not perfectly aligned with the roll holder.
4) The rollers are not adjusted at the same clearance from the die.

You need to adjust the backlash of the rollers.Adjust the backlash of the driving unit.Check the wear conditions of the die holder and of the wear ring. If necessary, overhauling might also be required. It is necessary to adjust the rollers.

3. Breaking Spacer Rods

1) Wear of the holes of the main shaft where the rollers are fixed.
2) Rollers are not fixed enough.
3) Excessive side to side movement of the front plate for not correct tolerance of main shaft bearings.

Clean or overhaul the holes of the main shaft.Fix the rollers.You need to adjust the backlash of the main shaft bearings.

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